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How it Works

The Science of NeuroCryoStimulation

The Science

NeuroCryoStimulation uses liquid medical CO2 gas to apply gentle pressure while delivering intense cold therapy. Drastic and abrupt reduction in the surface temperature of the skin causes a “Thermal Shock” that when combined with the pressure from the gas, produces a variety of beneficial physiological effects using the body’s own resources to combat pain and promote healing

This cutaneous thermal shock must be achieved in only a few seconds in order to trigger a central neurological response. Once activated, cutaneous receptors send an alert signal to the brain. The latter responds immediately via the autonomic reflex system. The effectiveness of treatment results is achieved due to the potency of analgesic and vasomotor effects, combined with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Thermal Shock

How it Works…

Three strong forces come together to create high-intensity physiological reaction called thermal shock:

1) Micro-CO2 crystals emitted at -108°F.
2) Extremely rapid drop in temperature.
3) Vibrations created by the CO2 jet.

These forces come together to create a powerful autonomic reflex response or NeuroCryoStimulation. Through this mechanical and enzymatic action, NeuroCryoStimulation radically disrupts the homeostasis in the external receptors in the skin. This has both an analgesic and vasomotor effect. The end result is a treatment that is twice as powerful as traditional cyrotherapy treatments like ice, spray, or forced air.



Immediate pain relief is possible from thermal shock. Thermal shock occurs as the temperature rapidly decreases from 90°F to 39°F in 1-2 minutes, that is combined with pressure on the skin from the jet stream nozzle. 

Examples of Pathologies Treated

Neurocryostimulation replaces the use of ice and cold air with significantly improved clinical outcomes.

The Benefits

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Relives pain immediately through the inhibition of nociceptors

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Immediate suppression of enzymes and decreased inflammation

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Deep vasodilation within 20-30 seconds of treatment

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Muscle relaxation as a result of myostatic reflex in the medulla

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