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Customer Service Center

Please complete the form and one of our representatives will respond back to you as soon as possible. Provide as much information as possible so that we can better meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

The customer agrees that any product to be serviced, repaired or returned to the Company shall maintain the following procedures:

1) Notification
The customer must notify the Company in writing or verbally within 15 days of first noticing the defect and before expiration of the warranty period.

Customer Service Toll Free 877- 782-7736

2) Issuance of RMA
A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number is required for all product returns, and is provided by the Company upon written or verbal notification

3) Proper Labeling for Shipping
The RMA number must appear on the outside of the shipping container. Return shipments will not be accepted if the RMA number is not clearly visible. Click here to request RMA# >>

4) Written Description
Please provide a written statement indicating the model number, serial number, and a brief description of the reason for return.

5) Shipping Address to Company Authorized Repair Center
Send returns to: Kryos Health Authorized Repair Center
Please contact us for shipping address.

1) Packaging
The unit must be shipped to the Company’s Authorized Repair Center in either its original package or similar package affording an equal degree of protection. Failure to provide this may result in voiding the warranty.

2) Customer Return Address
Instructions must be provided indicating an address to which the repaired unit must be returned.

3) Shipping Charges Under Warranty
The Company is responsible for the shipping and insurance charges for any product that is being repaired or replaced that is under the warranty.

4) Shipping Charges Out of Warranty
For any product that is not covered under the warranty, the customer is responsible for any shipping and insurance charges.

Customer Service Request

For Product Repairs, Returns, or other Requests please fully complete form below.