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The New Standard in Targeted Cryotherapy

How it Works

The dramatic change in temperature drop results in thermal shock. This stimulates the skin receptors to send a powerful message to the brain triggering a response by the reflex system.

Our Product

Physiological Benefits

Quickly relieve pain that manages inflammation and muscular relaxation. A vasomotor effect allows rapid draining of hematomas and edemas.

Made for Daily Use

Designed for use each day with all patient types and all treatment locations, that include healthcare practices and outdoor settings.


“Any injury to the musculoskeletal system may benefit from a NeuroCryoStimulation treatment. Using the Cryoscreen device allows my patients to feel immediate pain relief. They love this treatment option.”

~ Dr. M. Rozenblat

Start Treating Patients Today

Improve clinical outcomes and create new revenue from day one