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Advanced targeted Cryotherapy device for immediate pain and inflammation relief.

Real Time Treatment Management

Uniquely featuring an embedded thermal imaging camera, the Cryoscreen provides real time treatment management. The camera measures the temperature of any body part and visually displays the colorimetry status. 

This diagnostic tool indicates when thermal shock has been reached. It can also be used to scan for additional inflamed areas that need treatment. Screenshot photos can be taken at any time to document before and after treatment results. These can be uploaded to any computer system.

Advanced targeted Cryotherapy device for immediate pain and inflammation relief.

Compact size, lightweight, and portable. Completely mobile, you can bring the treatment to the patient. Designed for use in the field or in the clinic. The Cryoscreen has been designed to deliver swift, economical, and safe treatments.

  • Cryoscreen Device
  • Custom pedestal cart
  • Flexible Hose
  • 20 lb CO2 tank with siphon
  • Kryos Health tank wrap
  • Carrying case
  • USB cable and charger
  • Integrated infrared camera
  • Temperature control
  • Treatment timer
  • Battery indicator
  • Thermal Shock control
  • Screen capture function
  • Durable and flexible 7ft hose
  • Ability to transfer photos to computer
Supply Voltage
120 V
Supply Frequency
60 Hz
Electrical Rating
Fuse Rating
Case Material
ABS Plastic
11.8” (300mm)
8.3” (210mm)
15.1” (130mm)
4.5lbs (2kg)

Product Features

Asset 1@5x

High Pressure Nozzle

The aluminum nozzle ensures a pure and stable CO2 jet at 50 bars of pressure and -108°F output. The result is a more comfortable treatment. 

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Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic and light weight design for all day use.

Asset 2

LED Display

Visualize in real time the colorimetry on the screen of the area being treated, with the option to take a screenshot.

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The device is lightweight and transportable with its customized carrying case.

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Thermal Camera

The integrated thermal imaging camera allows you and the patient to see immediate temperature changes during the treatment. 

Data Transfer

Transfer the screenshot and recharge the device with its USB connection.


Learn about the benefits of the the CRYONIC SERIES

The Cryoscreen is advanced Cryotherapy technology providing localized and targeted treatments to one or more parts of the body.

For the past 50 years, ice has been a key component of the R.I.C.E method for the treatment of many injuries. Scientific studies have now indicated that ice can actually delay recovery.

Cryotherapy is emerging as the new standard in cold therapy treatments for injuries because of its proven effectiveness.

Because of its unique design for portability, the Cryoscreen can be used in most indoor and outdoor settings.

Healthcare practices can benefit from the custom mobile cart that allows treatments to be performed in any location.

The majority of individuals see immediate results, even from the first treatment. Depending on the nature of the injury, from acute to chronic, the number of treatments can vary from 1-3 visits per week.

Regular maintenance treatments can be provided to enhance overall recovery from exercise or events.

The Cryoscreen is an exciting new tool for healthcare professionals that can be used with every single patient.

Treatments can be provided solely or in combination with other services. The benefit is that Cryotherapy will enhance and improve the effectiveness of the other services.

The Cryoscreen is manufactured in Europe. The original technology has been proven effective by thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide for over 10 years.

Yes. The Cryoscreen currently has an FDA clearance with a pending additional FDA clearance in 2020.

The Cryoscreen uses medical grade CO2 gas, instead of Nitrogen. CO2 gas has been proven to be much safer and there is less loss of gas from the CO2 tank when not in use.

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